The CREDENTIALING ADVANTAGE™is the medical staffing industry's new program to build confidence in healthcare staffing. Developed by staffing industry experts and nurses, it gets to the heart of essential elements that hospital clients are looking to verify. Under the CREDENTIALING ADVANTAGE™ program, participating agencies will submit complete employee records, for a selection of employees, to Risk Control Services for review.

The reviewers will look at these important elements:

  • Business Organization
  • Personnel Records
  • The Applicant Interview & Selection Process
  • Employee Screening, Credentialing, Qualification Assessment, & Selection
  • Employee Orientation & Training
  • Client Coordination & Communication
  • Management of Services During Disruption Emergencies
  • Risk Management
  • Business Practices

The CREDENTIALING ADVANTAGE™ will be awarded to agencies that meet these standards. They will receive the CREDENTIALING ADVANTAGE™ seal of approval. This reasonably priced credentialing program is available to all medical staffing agencies that employ their healthcare workers as employees. If you would like to know more, please provide contact information using the attached form.

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